NAZI Family Child Care
NAZI Family Child Care



Our Daycare focuses on key elements, which contribute to a child’s development. 

Our Mission at Naz Family Daycare is to provide each child with a nurturing, loving, fun and safe environment where they are giving the opportunity to learn and grow at their own pace as individuals. Our goal is to promote early learning where the focus would be in each child's social, emotional, physical and intellectual development in preparation peace of mind for parents in knowing that their child is being cared at a professional level. Each child is treated with kindness, understanding, patience and positive reinforcement.



  We utilize mealtime to instill in children at an early age the long-term benefits and the joy of healthful eating habits. We make a special effort to encourage the children to sample new foods and cultivate a taste for those that are nutritionally beneficial. All meals are served in a family-style manner. Children are fed well-balanced nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. 



Using music to incorporate learning, discover their musical talents and include melodies in a fun time of singing rhymes and dancing to the rhythms.

  Arts & Crafts

Your child is a potential art genius. We engage them in drawing, sketching, coloring, and producing their own art projects you would surely be so proud of.


Dramatic playing lets them take their own roles. These are good avenues for increasing their social relations with friends.

  Outdoor Play

We give each child chance to interact with nature and develop their appreciation for its beauty and significance. They also exposed to social interaction with their peers at the group play. During the Free play, children are supplied with safe toys they can use to enjoy their free playtime while being supervised at a distance at all times.